As children we once played with a sense of freedom and curiosity that intuitively led to learning, problem solving, social skills and a stimulated spirit. We reaped the physical and emotional benefits of play.

As adults we have in many ways lost this ability to play.  Focusing more on work and serious tasks.  Even our physical outlets tend to be driven by competition and the need to do more, achieve more until we eventually burn out.

What if there was a place to physically play that was encouraging and rewarding of effort over achievement.  A place where youth and adults could reap the benefits of being active, engaging socially, and learning new skills intuitively that can translate into real world problem solving. A place where youth and adults could once again engage in play.

Play is an essential part of our wellbeing.  Play can be experienced in many ways.

Here at fire fly we experience play with movement and play based activities. Our alternative indoor fitness playground is engineered for fun, development, and community. Each class is designed to engage you and drive you to be the best version of you. Every obstacle or challenge has been thought through to inspire you to be your best.

Enjoy your fitness experience.  Move like you were designed to move.  Play like you need to play.

Re-ThinkPlay at Fire Fly!

Scouted location is Columbia SC.


FireFly is a Vision, it will need many, many things for it to become reality.  A figurative bridge needs to be built in order to realize this vision.  If you or anyone you know are interested in learning more, have ideas on coaching, buildings, marketing, programming, funding etc…  We want to here from you!

Please consider providing feedback and suggestions through our Contact Us page and let the bridge building begin!