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FireFly is a lifestyley, its a thought process about movement and play.  We have 3 disciplins we believe that help facilitate play.  Parkour, MovNat and Yoga.  Combined these disciplines give an incredible foundation for movement and play.  Stay tuned in, follow us as we enjoy our own adventure and create opportunities for you to overcome your own obstacles through movment and play.

Why Play?

Isnt it obviouse?  Play is fun :) 

Why workout when you can play...

We can teach you fundamental movements that will allow you to enjoy just about any space, allow you to train for what ever adventure you are seeking.  

Our focus is currenty on obstacle course events as that is what we have time for in our busy work/family schedules.  

Start Where You Are

This is Cynthia, she has a pretty awesome story and can attest to the "start where you are" philosphy.  

What is your goal, what do you want to accomplish?  Start small and work your way towards it.  Live it, love it, and enjoy the journey!

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